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The visit is dedicated more or less to the Judeo-Moroccan cultural and historical heritage

This tour of the Jewish heritage of Tangier begins with the panoramic route through different districts of the city.
A walk along the main street, the French quarter where the Synagogue::shaar Rafael is located, then the Spanish and American quarters until you arrive at an exclusive area with seven palaces in the former British colony
We continue our walk to Cape Spartel, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean meet and the point of separation of Africa and Europe by the giant Hercules according to Greek methodology, then a camel ride (optional)
After we come back to the most exciting part;; the medina for a cultural visit which begins with a visit to the colorful markets (vegetable, fruit, spice, meat and fish market)
Then we walk through the narrow streets of the medina to the Jewish section where the synagogues are, Assayag, Rebbi Aquiba, Moshe Nahon, then we will go to the Jewish cemetery (beit hahayim)
End of the visit with the American legation and the famous square of Petit Socco


The history of the Jews in Morocco is very old and was nourished by various waves of refugees following the vicissitudes and persecutions of which the Jews were victims during history.

The Jewish presence
in Morocco is attested as early as the 2nd century BC. BC, notably at Volubilis in Roman times, and remained there until the 7th century AD. AD,
The Jewish population of Morocco experiences demographic and political variations until it is reinforced again by the arrival of Jewish migrants from the Iberian Peninsula, forced to leave the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal during the Reconquista.
If the Jewish community was strong of several hundreds of thousands of individuals until the 20th century, it was reduced there to currently number about 800.
However, the Moroccan Jewish community maintains good relations with the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco, with many rabbis and heads of Jewish communities around the world being invited each year to the celebration of the throne which takes place on July 30.




Je m’appelle Abdelhamid Rubio, natif de Tanger. Je suis un guide touristique agréé qui possède une formation de base en hospitalité et en histoire.


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